Translating Skills to Opportunity: Applying to Time & Space

When I first graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, I really had no idea what I was going to do next. Having a degree in Public Relations opened doors to a number of possibilities, but narrowing down what I really wanted to do with my degree was the greatest challenge. Did I want to explore a more traditional path of communications? Or maybe dip my toes in the marketing pool? That was when I came across Time + Space Media.  

They were looking for a coordinator for their client strategy team, but having never worked in paid media before I was hesitant to apply (and to be honest I wasn’t sure my previous experience would help). However, I’d heard positive things about Time + Space through the grapevine and I knew there was no harm in throwing my hat in the ring – so I did. 

To my surprise (confidence can only get me so far) and delight, I didn’t fall flat and was offered a position on the team. I was ready to jump feet first into this exciting new career – but with no experience in paid media, how was this going to work? Even though I hadn’t worked in this area exclusively, my interest in the industry was clear. I was always curious about advertising and wanted to learn more – how come I see a certain ad vs. my friend who sees one entirely different. How were we being advertised to and what was so special about us as consumers to one brand vs. another. My inherent curiosity was and continues to be a key factor in my development and continued learning at Time + Space.

Through my Public Relations degree I was lucky enough to take on a variety of different roles, gaining tangible experience along the way that I could apply to my future career.  When I allowed myself to find a position that I was unfamiliar with, I quickly realized that the soft skills I learned in my PR program could be applied to other areas of communications, marketing, and of course, paid media.

  • Formal media releases could transform into an end-of-campaign report
  • Social media planning turned into campaign execution
  • Client relations transferred seamlessly into internal and external communications including emails, presentations, and of course, the odd GIF sent in the company Teams chat 



One invaluable thing I’ve learned since the start of my career at Time + Space is that anyone working in digital media – regardless of whether it’s PR, advertising, marketing, or a different facet – needs to be able to upskill and reskill through continuous learning and adapting with the constantly changing industry. Working with a company like Time + Space who is willing to foster talent from day one is key to personal and professional growth, especially when starting out or switching career paths.

Another is that attitude really matters! A willingness to grow, be coachable, and try new things goes a long way. Not only did I have skills that could be worked on, but positivity and an engaged personality are skills in their own right. While everyone is learning new skills all the time, I could control right from the start that I was someone ready and enthusiastic to be involved in the team. 

And companies need to be just as adaptable as the employees that work there. Regardless of an individuals background or experience with media, ensuring they have the support and encouragement to develop new skills or learn more about a new area of the industry is wildly important. Trusting in your employees is one thing, but investing in their growth and career is what sets Time + Space apart from the rest.  

While I’m still learning about this ever-changing industry, I feel confident that with the support of Time + Space, my internal team, and my determined (read: stubborn) attitude – I have the foundational building blocks required to continue to grow and be successful in this role.