Bringing Emerging Artists to the Community


An arts-based organization’s Artist in Residence program offers recent graduates and/or qualified craftspeople the opportunity to use studio space and develop valuable business skills. 


The organization needed help attracting emerging Canadian artists and bringing national attention to their Artist in Residence program, with the goal of attracting and enrolling new applicants to the program.


Time & Space was engaged to develop a strategy to identify and reach potential candidates for the Artist in Residence program. Our approach was highly efficient and targeted, as the niche nature of the program required very precise targeting.

Our team developed an approach to utilize both Facebook and Instagram to pinpoint artists from across Canada. The plan also included the use of standard display banners and videos as units within the Facebook and Instagram ecosystem.

Due to the tremendous amount of data provided by the Facebook platform, it was a natural fit that allowed our team to target individuals based on their interest, affinity, and demographic variables.


The campaign delivered phenomenal success, seeing roughly 3,884 program applications being submitted with 94% of the applications being directly attributed to the campaign. Not only were the net results a success, we also saw outstanding engagement on Facebook/Instagram, underscoring our ability to establish a deep understanding of who the targeted client ultimately was. Our ads experienced a 6.0% engagement rate (industry average = 0.17%)

The campaign succeeded both in raising national awareness of the organization and generating national interest in their Artist in Residence program.