Building a Successful Conference and Awards Ceremony


Our client, a well-established utility service provider, was looking to raise awareness of energy efficiency within the regional business community, underscoring private enterprise’s role in energy conservation and the environmental impact.

Our client established a conference and awards ceremony to bring together and recognize leaders across their region to facilitate this. The event offered an opportunity to raise the profile of their organization, create meaningful dialogue, and spotlight those to be recognized. The events also provided a chance to engage additional industries and business leaders.


To build a successful awards ceremony and conference, the client needed to reach business leaders and encourage conference registration and generate awareness amongst the public to drive award nominations.


Time & Space developed a multi-channel, cross-platform campaign to reach the target audiences via multiple touchpoints throughout their day.

Our team developed a bespoke approach, backed by extensive research into the media channels that would provide deep penetration into the audience segments we sought to engage.

Programmatic advertising was identified as a relevant channel, selected for our ability to target corporate businesses, providing the ability to deliver advertisements strategically within suitable content environments.

Our team also looked to Facebook, leveraging their core platform, and Instagram to extend our reach. Due to the high levels of use and engagement from our target audiences within these environments, we felt that social media’s addition significantly complemented the approach.

Finally, our team looked to continue using social media by integrating LinkedIn within the campaign scope. Undeniably one of the most relevant locations to reach business leaders. Additional research was conducted to identify relevant businesses within the client’s geographic region, with a targeting approach within LinkedIn being utilized to deliver ads only to sr. Executives within the pre-identified organizations.

These tactics were optimized in a manner that would produce both brand awareness and performance impacts. Driving users to a dedicated landing page built for the campaign would provide context to the client’s event and allow users to register for both the conference and awards ceremony.


The campaign was a success, meeting or exceeding the client’s expectations and our media performance benchmarks.

Over the promotional period, our team delivered more than 1.5 million ad impressions to our target audience, establishing significant awareness of our client and the event.

Approximately 70 thousand individuals showed a deep interest in the event, visiting the landing page via an ad unit. The engagement far exceeded our expectations, creating a high-level of demand for the event.

Ultimately, the conference and awards ceremony was a massive success for our client. The campaign objectives were exceeded, with a valuable dialogue and call to action being delivered to key stakeholders.