Increasing Awareness of Support4Culture


The Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation partnered with the 2016 East Coast Music Awards for East Coast Music Week in Sydney, Nova Scotia, creating an opportunity for their Support4Culture (S4C) program to demonstrate its impact on the Nova Scotia arts sector through involvement in the event.  


S4C was underrepresented on social media and in the community and needed to build a strong social following through active engagement during the weeks leading up to the ECMAs. Time & Space was engaged to strengthen S4C’s online presence and increase brand awareness.


Based on our insights, Time & Space determined the best way to spark engagement and raise awareness of S4C and its growing audience was to share real-time moments during live event coverage. By leveraging our social media expertise, we engaged with fans on Facebook and Twitter through real-time content on behalf of S4C for the duration of the event. We helped the organization successfully connect with key audiences on multiple channels through exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and one-on-one interviews with performers


Support4Culture saw significant lift in their social media presence, reaching over 650,000 people during East Coast Music Week. S4C’s Twitter channel saw a 3,105% increase in engagement month over month during the event, with the number of impressions increasing by 271%. Facebook saw 57,474 impressions and the video of the Blue Carpet event featuring local celebrity Frankie MacDonald reached 18,082 people, had 6,590 views, and had an average completion rate of 84%.