Omnichannel Approach to Precise Targeting in Finance


The client is a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm providing audit, tax and advisory services across Canada to dynamic privately owned, publicly listed and public sector organizations. 


Time & Space was tasked to improve the awareness of our client in the Western region of Canada by engaging C-Suite members and SMB Owners and guiding them through their sales funnel to stimulate short-term acquisition. 


Time & Space used extensive market analysis to determine a funnel focused, client-first approach to the strategy, pairing with our clients’ primary messaging. Thus, an omnichannel approach that segmented and targeted clients based on their lifecycle stage was chosen to optimize against multiple objectives: awareness and engagement.  

LinkedIn and Facebook were utilized to target users in the awareness stage by engaging with the business community at a local level in strategic markets, optimizing for reach.  

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) was a driver for advanced targeting as Time & Space could identify previously identified users or those already in the awareness category to deliver both OOH and mobile impressions. This asset would help to bridge offline to online attribution and optimization.  

Display was leveraged to target users viewing similar content across the web using contextual targeting. And Search captured those users with high-intent via non-branded keywords to capitalize on potential leads across the full-service offering spectrum. 

Using an omnichannel approach would allow Time & Space to create touchpoints in multiple areas online and offline that optimized for reach and engagement at multiple points on the funnel. 


The omnichannel approach was successful across all tactics, with each performing at or just above the clients’ indicated benchmarks.  

Display tactics proved to be valuable at driving reach, with over 5M impressions delivered. This was utilized in conjunction with DOOH as well as individuals who passed large assets were then retargeted through the display campaign, creating advanced touchpoints.  

Search excelled with a CTR of 4.59%, well above the industry average of 2.5%. With the clients’ ads being shown to their audience at the top of the page 71% of the time, search was a large driver in capturing the attention of their targets.  

Social continued to tell the story of the company to the clients’ audience, with Facebook and LinkedIn seeing above average CTR’s.  

Overall, the campaign successfully met the target audience at multiple touchpoints using an omnichannel approach, blending tactics together to tell a multimedia story and drive short-term client acquisition.