Awareness for The Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia


Dementia will affect 17,000 Nova Scotians, each year, and those who best help people living with dementia and their caregivers is The Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS).


ASNS approached Time & Space to develop a 3-year marketing strategy, target profiles, key messages, and media recommendations.

ASNS wanted to tackle stigma and raise awareness among Nova Scotians regarding the services and support options their organization provides and encourage people to reach out through the website and Infoline


Time & Space identified the target segment as caregivers (spouses and children, age 40+) looking for immediate information or inquiring into potential healthcare options.

In the development of the Communications Plan, the key message identified was “Early engagement improves quality of life”, This encourages those effected by dementia to contact ASNS.

Eager to stand out in the crowd, Time & Space, along with Arrivals + Departures and Accomplice Content Supply Co. created a plan to bring the narrative to life.

Our goal was to reinforce ASNS’s message regarding the positive benefits of early diagnosis and support and share relatable stories while giving them a direct link to resources for information


During this three-month campaign, over 20.1M ads were served to Nova Scotians within our target demographic. Facebook and Instagram video reached over 316K users. Facebook video delivered 353K ThruPlays and the channel accumulated over 1K reactions, 81 saves, and 241 shares.

YouTube delivered 3.52M impressions, 3.5K clicks, and a 56% video completion rate with a $.02 cost per view. Impressions increased linearly with age, indicating that we increasingly reached a more relevant audience throughout this campaign.

Programmatic video delivered 651K impressions, 1.9K clicks, and had a 70% video completion rate. Programmatic Display drove excellent awareness, resulting in over 12M ad impressions and nearly 50K clicks to the site.

During the campaign period, we drove 36K users to the Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia website, of which 34K were new users. Compared to the same period from the previous year, this represents a 626.5% increase in users, a 710% increase in new users, and a 760% increase in overall sessions.

This campaign delivered exceptional results. With a focus on awareness, we saw most of our success in driving new users to the website. This web activity has increased Nova Scotians’ understanding of the Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia.