Market Segmentation in Fashion: Tailoring Success for Today’s Audiences

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of fashion, market segmentation emerges as a crucial driver for brands to conquer the industry and achieve unparalleled marketing success. Understanding the diverse needs and preferences of customer segments is the key to fashion brands’ ability to craft personalized approaches, elevate customer engagement, and establish an indomitable brand identity. […]

Access for All: How Influencers Have Shaped Fashion and Beauty

The fashion and beauty industry has long since made use of influencers to help peddle their image and messaging, but historically in the form of Hollywood celebrities and supermodels. The partnerships have been numerous over the years but it’s always the same formula; a high-profile celebrity or model joins forces with an equally high-profile fashion or beauty […]

How the Fashion Industry Can Leverage New Technology

The fashion industry is one of the largest in the world with a market value of $2.31 trillion CAD. Luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH, is the 16th most valuable company in the world, just three spots below Walmart and 10 spots above Meta. Nike, Hermes, and Dior all sit within the top 100. And with the clothing […]