Investing in Marketing: The Importance of Audience for Tech Startups

Whether trying to reach everyday consumers to sell a product or service or trying to get bought by a larger company as a start-up, you must place brand value at the forefront. Marketing effectively allows you to build brand equity, helping individuals or businesses acknowledge your unique, premium value within the market. Positive brand equity […]

ChatGPT-4: Balancing Potential and Risk

The world of marketing has always been in a state of constant flux, with ever-evolving strategies and tools that continuously reshape the industry landscape. Enter ChatGPT-4, a groundbreaking AI language model that promises to unlock unprecedented possibilities in the marketing world, while simultaneously posing potential risks to the job market. ChatGPT-3, the previous iteration of this […]

The In-Game Advertising (IGA) Opportunity

What has typically been a niche area of investment for advertisers is becoming an exciting new opportunity as the gaming industry evolves and takes on a more dynamic role in the media landscape.   When you think of computer gaming, your mind may throw you back to Pong (1972) or perhaps Pinball Space Cadet (1995), or […]

API Integration: What Advertisers Need to Know

In this blog you will find: What is third-party pixel tracking? When should you be implementing API? Data privacy has taken a main stage in recent years, especially around the tracking of user’s data. Safari and Firefox browsers have already blocked third party tracking cookies, which track the activity of users for marketing purposes across […]