Time + Space is a tight-knit team of highly skilled marketers. That makes us big enough for the bells and whistles, but not so big that anyone would ever get lost in the shuffle. There’s a subject matter expert around every corner and each of them has a team upon which they can rely. The leadership team is made up of four individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill. They work to build the best possible environment for the amazing team and clients – and then get the heck out of the way.

Donna Alteen

Donna Alteen


As the founder and CEO of Time + Space, Donna is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive with over 30 years’ experience providing strategic counsel that is grounded in measurable business outcomes. Her professional experience spans a broad scope of industry sectors; both nationally and internationally; including Tourism, Energy, Economic Development, Telecommunications and Consumer Packaged Goods. A dedicated lifelong learner, Donna holds a BBA with a major in Marketing, as well as several additional credentials in leadership, digital business models, coaching and corporate governance. 

Donna is a Director of the Halifax Partnership, as well as a member of the International Women’s Forum and the Institute of Corporate Directors.  She is also a recipient of the Women of Excellence Award for Entrepreneurship.

Shawn Lowe

Shawn Lowe

VP, Growth & Partnerships

Shawn leads the growth and partnerships for Time + Space. He brings a deep history of developing meaningful strategic partnerships to Time + Space where he leads the identification of both new technology, platforms and partners for our team and clients. Shawn also leads a team responsible for the growth of Time + Space.  

Prior to joining Time + Space Media, Shawn was the head of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products for a publicly-traded organization, where he led the development and rapid growth of a product line utilized by thousands of Canadian SMB’s. 

Shawn’s expertise spans Product Development, G2M Strategy, Delivery, Strategic Direction and beyond. Shawn holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in Marketing from the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University. He is also an active mentor and a chair with the IAB Canada.

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