Unveiling Trends: Data-Driven Insights in CPG

Marketing trends are dynamic and can evolve rapidly due to changes in technology, consumer behavior, societal influences, and industry innovations. Keeping abreast of these trends is crucial for marketers to stay relevant and effective in their efforts.  Some examples of marketing trends could include the rise of influencer marketing, the increasing emphasis on personalized and […]

How Digital Innovation is Reshaping CPG

The grocery landscape has been at a standstill for decades, and what leaps were made happened over longer stretches of time. The increase in forced trial and adoption for consumers in online retail has pushed the need for innovation and change within the industry at an unprecedented rate. In much the same way that individuals […]

How CPG Brands Can Utilize Social Commerce

On March 16, Instacart introduced a new feature that will surely be exciting news for culinary fans finding themselves scrolling the food-related content online. The update allows Instacart users the ability to order all of the ingredients needed for a recipe on TikTok with the touch of a button. In addition to TikTok, Hearst publications […]

Capturing CPG Market Share

Understanding your changing audience, where they are, and what motivates them are all parts in meeting your consumers where they are and delighting them with your brand. All of these aspects are ultimately planned to drive purchase of your product and capture market share. The CPG market is highly competitive and understanding how to keep […]

Don’t Get Left Behind in CPG’s Innovative Shift

The grocery shopping experience has pretty much always been the same. Traditionally, customers would make lists ahead of time, go pick out their items, and purchase them at the front of the store. Because of this, the marketing strategies of CPG brands have stayed the same as well, with little variance. However, with the forced […]

Media Habits of the Principal Grocery Shopper

It’s no secret that media and entertainment consumption has skyrocketed in the last year. People were home more, parents searched for ways to educate and keep their children busy, and everyone was looking for something to fill the time. This was not only a win for those who produced media content, but advertisers and marketers […]

The Rise of the Omnichannel Grocery Shopper

In order to adapt to the circumstances of 2020, you may have ordered click-and-collect groceries, maybe you purchased everything to come right to your door, or maybe you checked up on a retailer’s website to see what was in stock before running out to get it just in case. All of these behaviours are tied […]

The Grocery Evolution

What you will learn in this post: How grocery evolved between 1916 and now How large corporations are able to better-meet the changing demands of the consumer The progression of home-delivery and its impact  How Amazon-like companies have disrupted the grocery and CPG landscape Remember the good ol’ days, when shopping meant driving to the store […]