Unlocking the Potential of QR Codes in Modern Marketing

The increasing popularity of QR codes in recent years has revolutionized the way marketers engage and connect with their target audience. These scannable, two-dimensional barcodes have emerged as an integral part of innovative marketing strategies, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when contactless transactions and touchless interactions became essential for ensuring safety and convenience.   QR codes […]

A Staggered Start for Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier

There was a lot of hype when Netflix announced in mid-October 2022 that their ad-supported tier would be launching in just two short weeks at the start of November, and understandably so. For most of its existence, Netflix has maintained that the platform would remain an ad-free zone. However, after losing almost one million subscribers […]

What We Can Learn From Walmart vs. Amazon

There’s no question that the retail and ecommerce industries have put their foot on the gas regarding digital innovation over the last two years. And there are no cars speeding down the proverbial highway quite like Walmart and Amazon.  As we blend large retail storefronts with online offerings, the fight for consumer attention grows even […]

Short-Form Video: What Advertisers Should Know

Short-form video has become increasingly popular, allowing users to quickly consume information and scroll through never-ending content. Today, 85% of internet users watch videos online and the average person watches over three hours of short-form video content daily.    But how do we classify short-form video? Google defines them as videos under 10 minutes in length. And though we could […]

Personalization is the Future of Content and Advertising

The future of content hinges on personalization and therefore the future of advertising must follow this as well. Just look at how precise social media algorithms are now and you’ll see the desire for more personalization.  Though “personalization” as a buzzword may have caused some trepidation in the past, and still does with concerns to […]

How Does The Metaverse Affect Advertisers

Today, there are few in the digital advertising space that are unaware of the metaverse. However, we couldn’t say this was the case even six months ago. In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, thereby laying the foundation of the next big move for this massively popular social media platform. Later last year, […]

Is Ad-Supported Streaming a Good Idea?

person holding up smartphone with disney+ streaming service open

Disney+ has announced that they will be adding an ad-supported viewing option to their streaming service later this year. With a slowing of their audience growth, they are hoping this will help boost their subscriber uptake again.   But is AVOD a good idea for the brand?  Advertising-based Video on Demand or ad-supported streaming means […]

As the Cookie Crumbles, What’s Next for Advertisers?

Digital advertising is an industry built on innovation. In the coming months, we will, like never before, need to showcase our ability to innovate.   As many of you may be aware, the foundational technology behind much of what we see online is based on “cookies” placed on your devices.   COOKIE – Data stored in a small […]

Digital Audio: The Benefits for Marketers

In this blog you will find: The benefit of digital audio for marketers Intro to Spotify The growth of digital music and podcasts   Digital Audio: A Unique New Media Opportunity Digital audio – specifically through music and podcast subscription services – is an evolving channel that reaches consumers at any time without requiring their visual […]

Transformation in a Transformational Time

In this Blog you will find: Organizational structure has shifted from in-house to remote workforce Importance in re-skilling workforce in new landscape Using data insights and analytics to recover and thrive post-pandemic With news of the Coronavirus and cases spreading rapidly in March 2020, companies had only a few days to switch their operations to […]