How Will Social Commerce Evolve?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their customers. Social commerce, a dynamic fusion of social media and e-commerce, has emerged as a powerful force reshaping the retail industry. Social commerce refers to the practice of leveraging social media platforms to facilitate buying and selling products or […]

The Importance of Investment in the Face of Uncertainty

Economists have been forewarning of an upcoming recession in 2023 which naturally has many organizations on edge and concerned about organizational outlook in the new year. Many will likely be looking for areas to scale back spending in. With some industries, tech namely, already feeling the effects of a downturn, it seems counterintuitive for organizational […]

Scaling Remote Work to Increase Profitability

The 9-5 workday was invented in 1926. Around this time the world also saw the first iteration of the television, the aerosol spray can, and liquid rocket fuel, with the hopes that one day, man would fly to the moon.   The office cubicle was invented in 1967. That year also saw the invention of the […]

Using Audience Data to Get Rebranding Right

Rebranding has become increasingly necessary for many brands, regardless of industry. The pandemic turned our world upside down and shifted consumer values and attitude in a substantial way. These changes in behaviour are a big part of the uptick we are seeing in recent rebrands. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are reframing […]

Vertical Video is More Essential Than Ever

We’ve seen the viewership for vertical video skyrocket over the last few years with the rise of TikTok and the introduction of social platform elements like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Vertical videos or photos are created and intended to be viewed in portrait mode, more tall than they are wide. In the case of […]

How Can a Loyalty Program Boost Your Brand Awareness

Chances are you’re already a member of numerous loyalty programs. In fact, “Canadians are among the most active loyalty program users in the world, with 56% making purchases that earn rewards or benefits several times a week”. Starbucks Rewards, PC Optimum, and Sephora Beauty Insider are all loyalty programs, as is Amazon Prime. Loyalty programs are […]

Knowing What Influencer Is Right For Your Brand

Influencers are everywhere in 2022. And while influencers have become synonymous with the rise of social media, influencers as a concept actually pre-dates most current social media platforms. Many would credit Paris Hilton as being the first modern influencer. Although she lacked conventional Hollywood talent, she was an expert at branding and managed to turn […]