Vertical Video is More Essential Than Ever

We’ve seen the viewership for vertical video skyrocket over the last few years with the rise of TikTok and the introduction of social platform elements like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Vertical videos or photos are created and intended to be viewed in portrait mode, more tall than they are wide. In the case of […]

How Can a Loyalty Program Boost Your Brand Awareness

Chances are you’re already a member of numerous loyalty programs. In fact, “Canadians are among the most active loyalty program users in the world, with 56% making purchases that earn rewards or benefits several times a week”. Starbucks Rewards, PC Optimum, and Sephora Beauty Insider are all loyalty programs, as is Amazon Prime. Loyalty programs are […]

Knowing What Influencer Is Right For Your Brand

Influencers are everywhere in 2022. And while influencers have become synonymous with the rise of social media, influencers as a concept actually pre-dates most current social media platforms. Many would credit Paris Hilton as being the first modern influencer. Although she lacked conventional Hollywood talent, she was an expert at branding and managed to turn […]

Why Social Media is More Important Than Ever

Social media continues to accelerate and innovate as competition spikes and user interests change. The last year has moved people more into digital spaces than ever before and social media platforms are taking advantage of users’ time spent online. Statistics show that there are 3.78 billion social media users in 2021, a 5% increase in the last […]

CMO Trends Reshaping Tomorrow

As we approach the mid-way point of 2021, it’s clear that your organization’s leadership and that of your marketing teams continue to take center stage within many organizations.  This week, we will break down some of the trends we see in 2021, reshaping the marketing team’s role and the CMO in 2022.  A Focus on […]

Finding Your Demographic on TikTok

By now you’ve likely heard of TikTok. Whether it was the ownership debate in the US in Fall 2020, a viral cat video, or the app store telling you it was the most downloaded app of 2020, it is difficult to ignore TikTok’s presence. Launched internationally in 2017 by the Chinese company Bytedance, the app merged with the already established, Gen Z favourite in 2018 and began […]

The Opportunity in Podcast Advertising

Podcasting is a growing phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With new creators popping up what seems like every day, there is a show for everyone no matter their content preference. Ranging from murder mystery to alien conspiracy theories to your favourite comedian it’s almost harder to choose a podcast […]

Reimagining Marketing Post-COVID

Some of the lessons marketers have learned in the past year will be invaluable as waves of the pandemic continue, and eventually, the world discovers a new normal.  Unprecedented and unimaginable were thrown around in 2020. At every turn, marketers found ways to adapt to these new circumstances.  As a vaccine begins circulation in many […]

The History of Boycotts

In this blog you will find: Information on the July 2020 Facebook boycott A history of the boycott How to navigate boycotts and how effective are they? The July boycott of Facebook by some major national and international brands was unusual in many ways – mostly because it was centered around hundreds of businesses withholding […]

How Has COVID-19 Impacted TV?

In this Blog you will find:  A short history of TV advertising  Adapting to the current media landscape   How to move forward with ad spend  Picture this: its 1922 and you’re relaxing with your family and listening to the radio in your Montreal home. CNCF radio gives you the entertainment and content you need for the day, but today […]