Case Studies

Simply meeting our clients’ goals is the least we can do. And we kind of hate that word. Least. No matter the project, we don’t begin the self-congratulatory back-slapping until we leave all performance expectations in the dust. You could say that after more than thirty years of “yeah, we got this”, well, we got this. Or, you could just take a look at our work and see for yourself.

Atlantic Canada Agreement on Tourism (ACAT): Building a Stronger Voice for Atlantic Canadian Tourism

Atlantic Canada Agreement on Tourism (ACAT) is a collaboration between the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the four Atlantic Canada Tourism Industry Associations, and the four Provincial Departments responsible for tourism. These organizations combine efforts and budgets to build a strong voice for tourism in Atlantic Canada to the Northeastern region of the United States. Their mission is simple: Grow the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada, which, today represents $4.89 billion annually and 57,000 full-time jobs.  

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Cape Breton University: An AI Powered Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Cape Breton University’s (CBU) Search Engine Marketing campaign had been performing consistently for several years. The team at CBU had been using Google AdWords to recruit students for their undergraduate programs.

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Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation Support4Culture: Increasing S4C’s Online Brand Awareness

The Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation partnered with the 2016 East Coast Music Awards for East Coast Music Week in Sydney, Nova Scotia, creating an opportunity for their Support4Culture (S4C) program to demonstrate its impact on the Nova Scotia arts sector through involvement in the event.

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Atlantic Lottery: Media Mix Modeling Analysis Leads to Increased ROI

Atlantic Lottery (ALC) is a Canadian organization that operates lottery games in Atlantic Canada and is jointly owned by the four Atlantic provincial governments. AL’s profits are distributed to the provinces for their general funds.

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Trailer Park Boys: It’s the Park Talking

The Trailer Park Boys (TPBs) is a Canadian mockumentary television series following the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents. It was Showcase’s highest rated Canadian series, aired in over 15 countries, and is a recognised brand world-wide. The Trailer Park Boys’ approach to marketing has traditionally been grass roots, managing their social media and promotions on their own behalf. Since the show premiered in 2001, they have built strong brand awareness without the assistance of an agency. The brand has expanded to offer a line of merchandise, including clothing, beer, and whisky.

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