Digitally Driving Recruitment


The client, one of North America’s most respected organizations was looking to support their growth needs, specifically aiding their recruitment efforts.  


The client wanted to attract as many candidates as possible to the Logistics Operators positions available at their production plant and drive employment applications. They also wanted to support attendance to the Career Fair happening at the plant.


Time & Space developed a strategy to target users aged 18+ via Search, Programmatic, and Facebook ads. Initially, the campaign covered a 100-150-mile radius around their plant’s town to capture a wider pool that encompassed some of the major cities in the geographical area.

Phase one of this campaign generated much interest. However, to increase the number of job applications submitted, we decided to optimize the campaign by adjusting the distance to include only the 50-mile radius around the plant’s town and, instead of aggressively targeting job seekers, the user profile was opened to the general population.


The campaign was a resounding success. It generated 2.5M impressions and 12.8K clicks to the website. We achieved an overall click-through rate of .5%, five times higher than industry standards. The campaign drove over 10,000 new website visitors to the career posting page.

The combination of Programmatic and Facebook advertising contributed greatly to generate awareness and deliver the campaign message to as many users in our target audience as possible and complimented each other in reaching effectively different age ranges. Ads on Google Display Network received more clicks from users between 25-44 while users between 45-54 engaged more with the ads on Facebook.