Driving Sales: How Car Dealerships Can Market for Car-Sharing

As our society becomes increasingly focused on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, car-sharing and ride-hailing services have become more popular than ever. These services allow individuals and businesses to rent or share vehicles on an as-needed basis, rather than owning their own car. For car dealerships, this presents a unique opportunity to market cars to a new […]

The Role of Marketing in Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric vehicles (EV) and sustainable transportation are gaining popularity around the world, with more and more consumers looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered cars. This trend towards electric and sustainable transportation is not only driven by concerns about the environment, but also by advances in technology and changes in consumer preferences. The EY Mobility […]

Establishing Loyalty in The Automotive Industry

When it comes to the decision of one product versus another, there are many careful factors that go into your final choice. And for large purchases like that of a vehicle, loyalty is a large driver of why someone may make one choice over another, whether their own loyalty, or that of a trusted friend […]