How Traveller’s Planning Habits Have Changed

When individuals begin travelling in large numbers again, we’ve determined in Recovery and Rediscover: The Modern Traveller that each will have their own level of comfort and looking for different things in a vacation. But when will we reach pre-pandemic levels again? And when we do, how will each group book their vacation? Finally, where are they hoping […]

Recovery and Rediscovery: The Modern Traveller

It’s one of the questions we’ve all gotten in the last two years, isn’t it? “Where would you travel if you could right now?” Or maybe you’re the one asking and gathering ideas. Everyone has been dreaming about where they will go, whether for business or pleasure, when they could travel again. And with vaccines […]

Tourism Marketing Do’s When Tourism is a Don’t

On February 11th of 2020, we wrote a POV for one of our tourism clients on the potential impacts of a Pandemic. “There’s a remote possibility”, we advised, that borders may be closed or that individual provinces will restrict travel.  We noted that Hong Kong, Australia, and the US had closed their borders to China. We also cited research from previous outbreaks – most recently SARS […]

The Joys and Pitfalls of Online Travel Review Sites

Are you in the tourism industry? Or are you planning a vacation? If you said ‘yes’ to either (or both), chances are you’re intimately acquainted with online travel agencies and review sites. They’re central to the leisure travelers’ decision journey – and frankly, they’re rife with potential pitfalls.